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The Ajeenkya DY Patti Group is one of the most renowned educational groups of the country and a sister concern of DY Patil Group.To make education a need more than leisure in its time, Dr. D Y Patil, a Padmashree recipient, founded DY Path Educational Group in 1983 where children were not Just given text book knowledge but were also encouraged to actively participate in other verticals such as Healthcare, AgrIculture and Sports. lt has over 180 Institutes of learning along with its three universities, based out of Navl Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur. The group runs three hospitals and provides affordable healthcare and medical attention to scores of needy people.The DY Patil International Cricket Stadium at Mumbai is rated as one of the 6 best stadiums in the world and amongst the best sporting facility In India.

The Ajeenkya D Y Patil Group is built on a unique promise. It is a promise of growth through the vision and foresight of our leadership. We see the world in terms of opportunities, possibilities and potential.

The group is focused on creating new concepts and new ways of thinking in a wide range of fields and mainly that of sports, health, agriculture and education.

A sense of innovation and excellence is at the core of everything the group does. The group entities are engaged in transformation of society through its various endeavors. The group is exploring new forays and is well on path in attaining leadership positions in every arena it works in.

As befits any enterprise with global aspirations, the group has always demonstrated a commitment towards the future. Our leadership has time and time again demonstrated remarkable acuity in imagining the future and has taken proactive actions to stay ahead of the curve.

The ADYPG provides educational programs in the following areas:














Pure & Applied Science


Computer Science


Masters of Education


Social Sciences & Humanities


Media & Communication








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