The Vision

ADYPIS envisions fostering a well qualified, skilled and approachable team which is able to support professional growth. The group wishes to develop a faculty that should be able to inspire and encourage students to excel in all aspects of their development including academics, intellectual, creative, social, physical and emotional. ADYPIS aims to develop a world class and comprehensive framework that aligns various aspects of education system to support a 21st Century Learning Outcome. ADYPIS seeks to build up a modern system of learning as the school believes in remodeling the way of teaching and assessing student learning.

ADYPIS respects every individual and every culture in the community and believes that diversity of cultures, languages and experience is a source of strength, inspiration and knowledge. Promoting the exchange of ideas and an atmosphere of openness amongst students, faculty, parents and administration is what ADYPIS encourage.

Benefits of Associating


32+ years of rich experience in institution segment


Great minds involved behind the scene


Efficient teaching staff & proven methodologies


Excellent infrastructural support