Integrated Curriculum

Integrated Curriculum

Our curriculum helps the students to master the 4 C’s – creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration with a renewed focus on the 3 R’s – reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Our curriculum integrates head and hand – knowing and doing. It integrates curriculum subjects within student projects. The holistic curriculum enables meaningful learning, based on imaginatively constructed learning experiences.

We use skills and competencies as the way of organizing our curriculum. This approach features project-based learning while ensuring that the learning incorporates all necessary content.

Learning Benchmarks

Learning Benchmarks are skills and concepts that students are expected to have learned by the end of the year for each grade level. Based on the 21’st Century Skills framework we have created a criterion-referenced assessment system wherein students are not compared to one another, but their work is compared to the criteria stated in each benchmark. These benchmarks, created through a thorough process are reviewed and updated periodically.


Middle School and beyond students build digital portfolios as an integral part of the learning process and learning benchmark assessment. The portfolios record the work, progress and reflection of each student. It supports the metacognitive process as students curate their work, reflect on their thought and work processes.

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