Future Ready Students

Future Ready Students

21’st Century Learning

One cannot prepare a 21’st Century Learner with 20’th Century pedagogies, methodologies and mindsets. The DY Patil International School system offers world-class curriculum that helps students to be future ready for careers that have not been invented yet, life that has not been imagined as yet.

Our purpose is to develop learners who know how to learn, think creatively and critically, communicate effectively and act ethically. We are shifting our focus from quantitative notion measured in years of formal education, to the skills students acquire and nurture in their school years.

21’st Century Skills

The 21st century skills are the synthesis of the essential abilities students must apply in our rapidly changing world. DYPIS defines 21st century skills in five categories:

  1. Innovation – Students engage in effective processes to generate new ideas and concepts, and new associations between existing concepts, leading to new ways of doing things that can alter products, processes, and thinking.
  2. Technology Literacy – Students responsibly use appropriate technology to communicate and solve problems. They access, evaluate, integrate, manage, design, and create information to acquire lifelong knowledge and skills.
  3. Collaboration – Using digital media and face-to-face interactions students engage with others so as to master content, learn about themselves and their environment, and contribute to their personal success and the success of others.
  4. Information Literacy – Students identify information needs and seek out reliable resources to meet those needs. They then evaluate, analyze, synthesize and communicate the resulting knowledge.
  5. Critical Thinking and Reasoning – In response to observation, experience, and communication, students engage in purposeful and reflective evaluations and judgments about what to do or to believe.

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