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Dear Parents & Students

Each day, our classrooms and corridors buzz with the intellectual energy of students engaged in lively dialogue with their teachers and each other. We welcome you to a school where our instructional spaces and informal areas brim with vigor and purpose as students reach for knowledge and strive for discoveries.

Our diligently evolved academic model engages students in an intellectual exploration that makes school exciting. It affords our students an uncommon kind of wisdom. For us academic excellence is not limited to guiding students toward mastery of skills but is meant for a higher purpose of guiding them to self-discovery, providing a foundation to fulfill their potential and fully embrace life.

We believe that the combination of a rigorous academic program with a strong emphasis on developing the body and soul and hence the focus on visual and performing arts, sports, physical education, yoga and other such activities which goes on to develop leadership and character in our students.

We strive for our students to propose ideas and participate actively, think with agility and to speak and write with exceptional fluency, power and precision as they grow here. We ensure that each child is cared for and sustained with love, compassion, and respect

Learn more about the extraordinary different that we can make in the life of your child as the path to success for your child starts at DY Patil International School.

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We can't wait to welcome you!

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